Expats driving lessons

HVO Drive in Amsterdam helps the expat community with obtaining their licence.

HVO Drive offers driving lessons for expats. In the Netherlands, you receive a driver’s license after taking driving lessons and passing the driving test. However, what if you need a Dutch driver’s license? Or if you already have a driver’s license from your home country but you’ll need the Dutch driver’s license? While the theory exam is available in English not every driving school offers English driving lessons. But HVO Drive is here to help!

For expats we offer you driving lessons to give you the confidence to drive in the Netherlands. Since we’ve opened our driving school in Amsterdam in 2009, we’ve helped a large part of the expat community with obtaining their licence. If you have any questions about how we offer the best service and driving lessons for expats, or if you’re interested in booking lessons, then please contact us.

Student package

A lot of our HVO Drive customers are students and because of that we know what is important for students. HVO Drive knows that student life can have some financial challenges and we also know that it can be difficult to afford the driving lessons, so HVO drive has a special package deal for full-time students.

For students we offer a package deal that consists of twenty driving hours and one driving exam.

To qualify, we need you to bring your student card or other proof of registration to your first lesson. You can pay this package deal in 1, 2 or 3 terms. If you have any questions about our packages deals, or if you’re interested in booking lessons, then please contact us.

But what do we offer students? HVO Drive is founded with the thought that we can handle all our customer needs. We guide and advise our customers on all driving areas so that they’ll become responsible drivers. Our personal touch is very important to us and it’s why our customers choose us. Of course we expect from our students that they’ll follow the instructions of their instructor so that they are ready for their driving test as quickly and efficiently as possible. We find it very important that you also enjoy your driving lesson. To establish this, every driving lesson will be with the same instructor so that the mutual trust will increase. HVO Drive is a personal and involved company that gladly helps people with their driving license.

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