Prices of driving lessons in Amsterdam

At HVO Drive we want to make your driving experience pleasant, within a relaxed environment. All lessons include free pre-arranged pick up from home, work, college or school.

Single lesson prices

Single lesson 50 minutes € 51,-
Assessment lesson 100 minutes € 95,-
Preliminary test (T.T.T) € 190,-
Driving test € 252,-

Package offers

After you’ve had your assessment lesson, our instructor will give you advice on passing your driving test. We offer a wide range of driving packages that suit you and your individual requirements. It’s been proven that driving packages are making driving easier. And it is also cheaper because we offer a discount on the driving packages.

Single lesson in a package 50 minutes € 49,-
Package 1 25 hours including driving test € 1477,-
Package 2 25 hours incl. driving test & preliminary test € 1667,-
Package 3 35 hours including driving test € 1967,-
Package 4 35 hours incl. driving test & preliminary test € 2157,-
Package 5 40 hours including driving test € 2212,-
Package 6 40 hours incl. driving test & preliminary test € 2402,-
Student package 20 hours incl. driving test € 1232,-

You can pay the package deals in 1, 2 or 3 terms.

Single lesson

HVO Drive provides pickup at a central point in Amsterdam, giving you professional tuition with the same driving instructor and car every time. HVO Drive offers lessons that are personally adjusted to your needs so that you’ll become a safe and confident driver. In the lessons we will cover everything that is needed to help you pass the driving test, including: operating the car, safety, traffic flow, darkness and weather conditions, speed, parking and much more. During your lesson you will be driving in the CBR area, which is the area where your final driving exam will take place.

Assessment lesson (optional)

Our assessment lesson is different than the trail lesson. The assessment lesson is optional except when you booked our intensive course. When our instructor meets you for the first time, he wants to know what kind of driving skills you might already have (or don’t have). To establish what kind of driver you are and what kind of experience you already have we offer an assessment lesson. This allows the instructor to determine your driving level and after the assessment lesson our instructor can structure your future driving lessons (or package) based on your existing skill level.

It is very important that you start your driving lessons at the correct stage. That’s why HVO Drive recommends you to take the assessment lesson.

The assessment lesson will be around 100 minutes long.

With the intensive course the assessment lesson is mandatory! This is because we will plan all your driving lessons and driving exam straight away

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