At HVO Drive we also offer an intensive course. This is for those who have limited time. However this only works if you already have your theory certificate and your declaration of suitability. If you want to follow the intensive course, the assessment lesson is mandatory! This is because the assessment lesson will assess your ability for learning, your driving skills and your driving experience. Your instructor will schedule an intensive course based on the assessment lesson. This will mean that you’ll have several hours of daily lessons, for a period of around two weeks.

Take note: an intensive course must be applied for at least six weeks in advance.

Assessment lesson 100 minutes € 85,-
Package 1 25 hours including driving test € 1427,-
Package 2 30 hours including driving test € 1662,-
Package 3 35 hours including driving test € 1897,-
Package 4 40 hours including driving test € 2132,-
Package 5 45 hours including driving test € 2367,-