Before you have your final driving test, the CBR (Dutch Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing) offers an preliminary test. This test is an official test which means it will be examined by a CBR examiner and it will be exactly the same as your final driving test (you cannot pass or fail the T.T.T test). The preliminary test is not compulsory but if you pass the special manoeuvres, you don’t have to perform them at your (first) final driving test.

And it will give you also a heads up for your final exam: you know what to expect.

After the test, the examiner will give you advice about your level and which areas do need extra focus.

If you take the preliminary test, it will increases your chances to pass your final driving test. Research by the SWOV (Institute for Road Safety Research) has shown that the preliminary test can increase chances of passing the final driving test by twenty percent.